Terms and conditions

By use of the digital platform as renter or owner of private holiday homes in Denmark via www.danrent.com, you accept the following conditions: 

§ 1: Introduction

1.1: The digital platform is owned and drifted by DanRent inc., registered in Denmark under CVR no. 37115010. (Hereafter "DanRent")

1.2: Use of the digital platform itself conditions that you have a valid profile as member via DanRent login or via Facebook login.

1.3: A member, who makes an article of renting out of a private holiday home, is hereafter "Owner". A member, who makes an article of renting a private holiday home, is hereafter "Renter".

1.4: It is not allowed to make use of DanRent, if you are acting as or on behalf of a company, organisation or public authority.

§ 2: DanRent's obligations

2.1: The members of DanRent, achieve access to a digital platform (database). The digital platform links through communication and arrangement the owner and renter together.

2.2: The digital platform consists of and provides access to factual information, which enables the renter to get in touch with the owner of a holiday home. The connection between renter and owner is established through the owners advertisement, which is the foundation of entering into an agreement on renting a holiday home on the Webportal.

2.3: DanRent has entered into a partnership with Deemly in order for the house owner vs. renter to review the quality and trustworthiness of each other. Thus, the setup and responsibility of the reviews is on Deemly, and DanRent can only be held liable for any non-compliance that is a sole cause of DanRent's actions.

§ 3: Payment

3.1: Unless stated otherwise, the members should follow the applicable instructions for pricing at DanRent.

3.2: The digital platform contains a payment system, which allows for a secure online payment between renter and owner. The agreed upon amount of money for renting a holiday home, will be transfered from the credit card of the renter the first coming week day after the booking request has been approved by the holiday home owner. DanRent will transfer the money to the owner's account on the first week day of the rental period.

3.3: In the event that the rental of a holiday home is cancelled by the owner, and the renter informs DanRent about this, no later than 48 hours after beginning of a rental period, the payment is cancelled and withdrawn.

3.4: In the event that the rental of a holiday home is cancelled by the renter, the cancellation will follow the policy stated by the home owner.

3.5: In order for DanRent to maintain a reliable, flexible and simpel digital platform, DanRent will charge a service fee of the rental price for each rental. The amount of the fee will be visible at any time on the webpage.

3.6: In order for DanRent to maintain marketing activities, the holiday home owner is charged a service fee by DanRent for each rental.

§ 4: Marketing

4.1: Direct or concealed advertisements and any other marketing on the digital platform of DanRent is not allowed under any circumstances.

4.2: Any action in accordance with article 4.1 is a substantial breach, and DanRent reserves the right to delete any content on the digital platform that does not conform with this article.

§ 5: The obligations of the user (Renter as well as Owner)

5.1: The user warrants that the data provided either as a Renter or as a Owner are correct and that any data provided do not go against any applicable laws of Denmark, hereunder but not limited to the Danish laws of holiday homes (Sommerhusloven) or any rights to the specific data.

5.2: The user warrants by use of the Webportal, not to supply or bring any criminal material or content, e.g. virus and software, which can cause damage to DanRent or any other user's software or hardware.

5.3: The user warrants not to make use of any data from the Webportal, despite the necessary direct use of contact in connection with arrangement or procurement of the holiday homes on the webpage of DanRent. Hereunder is use of personally procured or provided data on e-mail address, personal names or personal address strictly forbidden to use outside the Webportal.  This personal information should be kept strictly confidential by the user, whether a Renter og Owner.

5.4: The user warrants to use the platform according to the conditions, mentioned herein. By suspicion of abuse or misuse, DanRent reserves the right to analyse the user's correspondance with other users on the Webportal and, if necessary, terminate the membership.

§ 6: Limitation of liability for DanRent

6.1: DanRent is a mediator or intermediary that offers a platform for arrangement and procurement. Any liablilty beside this is outside DanRent's field. The use of DanRent's platform and the products hereunder are the user's sole responsibility. DanRent does not bear any costs of damage, whatever the reason might be. Furthermore, DanRent does not bear costs under any circumstances in connection with a unsuccesfull rent of holiday home, despite the reason herefore.

6.2: The user warrants and accepts that DanRent cannot be held liable for use of or disclosure of information on the Webportal. The planning, execution and responsibility for rent of any holiday home is a deal between the Renter and Owner, and does not concern DanRent.

6.3: The service of DanRent is completed at the time, when a user has achieved contact details, which the user has requested in connection with rent of a holiday home. By use of the online payment solution, the payment is completed at the time when the Owner has received the agreed upon amount of money from the Renter.

6.4: DanRent cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for accessibility of the Webportal nor errors or absence of any funtionalities on the Webportal. DanRent will establish its best efforts in order to reestablish the accessibility in the event of any missing functionality.

6.5: DanRent cannot be held liable for any economic loss or consequential damage due to lacking revenue or loss of data/information.

6.6: DanRent cannot be held liable for any content on the Webportal, hereunder text, link or information provided by the users on the Webportal.

§ 7: Data protection

7.1: By submission of information on Name, Address, Holiday home address, Phone number, E-mail address and Pictures, the user warrants and consents that such information necessary for the purpose of the concept of DanRent, can be accessible for any user visiting the Webportal. This condition shall not be applicable for confidential information, e.g bank information.

7.2: DanRent will do its best efforts not to publish any information of the members to other users, despite what is most necessary for the concept of DanRent. The member acknowledges that information on each member can be used for statistical, internal and anonymous purpose in order for DanRent to continously improving the Webportal.

7.3: A member can at any time make changes or delete explicit member information under "Account" on the front page of the Webportal.

§ 8: Claim

8.1: DanRent disclaims to be held liable due to any claim in connection with payments or purchase on DanRent’s Webportal. This disclaim is due to the fact that DanRent is a serviceprovider under the Laws of Denmark. However, should you have any dissatisfaction; you are more than welcome to contact DanRent.  

§ 9: Changes of terms and conditions

9.1: DanRent reserves the right to at any time make changes or amendments on the "Terms and conditions".

9.2: In specific amendments on the "Terms and conditions", each member will receive an e-mail hereon. Further, the changes will be visible on the Webportal.

§ 10: Mediation and dispute

10.1: In the event that any of the conditions mentioned herein, are impossible to operate under or complete, DanRent will enter into mediation with the user/party in order to settle an agreement.

10.2: In the event that such an agreement according to condition 9.2 cannot be fulfilled, any dispute will be solved under Danish Laws and in the city court of Aarhus as venue.


Provided by the management of DanRent