About DanRent

DanRent is a newly founded company, registered in year 2015. Despite the company’s young age, the drawings and perspectives of a portal for holiday home rental in Denmark, has been planned for several years. We believe the global sharing economy will disrupt the danish tourist industry as is and cannot be ignored - so instead - we want to be a part of it.

Through new sharing market mechanisms, the tourist of tomorrow visiting Denmark will demand more competitive prices and traveller satisfaction. With an online person-to-person market place, DanRent adapts the trends and mechanisms occurred in the tourist industry, and provides easy and accessible methods for entering into the new business model.

Our vision is to be the most favored booking portal, both for the tourists and for the danish holiday home renters. Through a flexible, reliable and trustworthy community, DanRent will provide the services required to compete within the tourist industry of tomorrow.